How to Store Your Jewelry


I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect jewelry storage solution for years and finally found it. In this search, I had three criteria:

Visibility– When I can’t see something, I forget to wear it, so visibility was a must. This only pertains to costume jewelry, as my fine jewelry lives in a little safe. Since I’ve switched to this set up where I can see literally everything, I feel like I have a lot more options at the tip of my fingers.

Organization– In the past, I’ve used a bunch of trays lined up next to each other plus some boxes (see my last set up here) but my jewelry would tarnish, and things would get piled up on each other. The biggest problem was finding a storage solution for my delicate gold necklace collection, that includes pieces that I wear every day. They were constantly getting tangled, which is the most frustrating thing ever when you’re trying to get ready quickly.

Aesthetically pleasing– There are plenty of solutions that fit the bill for the above criteria, but they were all super ugly.

So what was the magical solution that solved all three of my problems? GLAMboxes, a line of acrylic boxes/sets of drawers that are made to do exactly what I was asking for. I have the GLAMclassic but want to add the makeup box to my collection as well. I love how there are hooks for my thin gold necklaces, side posts for my chunky bracelets, and dividers for the drawers.






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