My Decluttered Office

I’ve had many home office iterations over the years but this is the first that’s really pared down, calm, serene, and less full of…stuff. It may look spare and bare to some but for me it brings a sense of peace that immediately melts my stress away. And I love that feeling

It started when I started implementing my decluttering plan and decided to combine my desk and filing cabinet into one piece with a giant executive desk that has a filing cabinet built-in. I like that all my office supplies and files are hidden in a sleek set-up without too much furniture clogging up the space. I also have a book shelf and floor mirror on the other end of the room not pictured here, but that’s it.

Also not pictured is Boots who often spreads his body across the middle of the floor as the sun shines in through the windows. We both love this room.

On the desk itself I have been keeping it clean with only some family photos, my favorite crystal, the candle I burn when I want to feel creative, and a note pad. I moved office supplies like my stapler, tape dispenser, and pens, to small top drawers for easy access, but I don’t have to look at them as I sit and work.

Because the desk top is bare, I added a blotter (leather desk mat) to visually organize my lap top and keyboard. The matching mouse pad houses my mouse. The addition of these two pieces makes everything feel neat, tidy, and styled.

The only issue with the new desk placement is that the sun comes in hard and fast through that window after 12pm so I need to figure out blinds at some point in the near future. Or move the desk… but I love the symmetry of it all. TBD on the sun situation.

Also have to note here, although I’m sure I’m the only one who will notice but the rug is not centered because of a vent in the floor. Yes it drives me crazy, no it can’t be changed. It wasn’t as noticeable when I had more furniture in the room but now it drives me nuts. At one point I considered cutting a dent into the rug so I could center it but then realized that was bonkers.

Anyway, here are links for everything still available and pictured in this post!

My Office Products

Leather Monogrammed Desk Mat
Mouse Pad (also monogrammable)
Similar Desk Chair (they don’t make mine anymore)
Grasscloth Wallpaper (gifted)
Flush Mount Light
Acrylic Lap Top Stand
Desk Calendar
Daily Overview Notepad
Overose Valkiria Candle (smells like actual heaven)

Photos by Julia Dags.

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