50 Picture Frames at Every Price Point

I love having a bunch of framed family photos around our house. They make me smile when I pass by them and it’s a fun way to bring color and style to shelves, dressers, and consoles. Whenever I share images of my frames, I get questions about where I buy them so I’m sharing some of my favorite sources and frames today!

Mostly I buy them when I see one I love in person at a gift shop or local store. But online, a bunch of my frames are from Cailini Coastal, a great coastal home decor resource if you’re in the market! I also have a lot of Pottery Barn frames. They’re classic and a good price for the most part. But my favorite (and most asked about) picture frame is this blue and white one from Williams Sonoma home that is currently on major sale.

I mix metals, colors, and textures for a layered look that isn’t too fussy or matchy. Below are some visual examples of how I style them around the house followed by a list of some of my favorites!

Blue and White Picture Frames

Rattan Picture Frames

Metal Picture Frames


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