Garage Before & After

Our garage has been a hot dirty mess since we moved in four years ago. I’m not one to usually notice or care about a garage, but we enter the house through our garage so it was starting to get on my nerves. Anel had been talking about doing an epoxy floor forever, so we finally decided to just go for it! Little did I know it would end up being one of my favorite house projects to date and I say that with zero sarcasm.

Coming home to this shiny, clean, organized garage sparks actual joy and it will never get old. And the best part is that I can finally fit my car in here which will be quite the lifesaver on snowy mornings this winter.

Will it stay this clean forever? Highly doubtful. But we really are trying to keep it tidy now, and having all of the extra storage makes that a lot easier.

We bought the storage cabinets and workbench as well as the Gladiator Gear Wall (the white slats on the wall) and hooks from Lowe’s on Black Friday. My friend Stef helped us figure out sizing and placement for everything.

We did the floor and walls through Ring’s End. If you’re local, you know them and know that they’re the very best! They came for a consult and shared how the epoxy works, then hooked us up with a local service that came and did the actual installation which was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Where’s the lie!?

We used DryLok for the walls so that the paint could survive a partially underground, humid environment. The color is Benjamin Moore Cement. The epoxy floor is the coolest part though. You can choose the color of the floor and the flakes as well as the size of the flakes and how concentrated they are. We went with the color “gravel” and a 1/8″ flake.

P.S. If you’re wondering about the vintage Mustang, it belonged to my uncle who bought it brand new in the 70s. Every Thanksgiving, Anel would go out to his garage with him to look at it/talk about it/fan-girl over it for hours, so when he decided to sell it a few years ago, it ended up in our possession as a surprise to no one.

Photos by Julia Dags.

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