Blush + Stripes

Rips and blush coat

Blush and rips are a moment right now and, like everyone else and their mother, I’m riding those waves for as long as possible because it’s just so darn pretty! Remember those horrific 90’s jeans that were super grunge and shredded? I never thought we’d see the day when a girl can wear them around Connecticut without a second look. That day has come and here we are.

They can look messy really easily to I paired this pair with a structured lady-like pink jacket and traditional navy and white stripes for something a little unexpected at brunch last Sunday.

I hate that I still have to wear a jacket (yesterday I woke up to 18 degrees, WTF?), but if I’m going to, you better believe it will look springy.

How do you wear ripped jeans? I need more ideas!

Stripes + Rips

Ripped Jeans

Blush and stripes

Ripped Jeans 2

Pink on pink

Pink purse and ripped jeans

French Stripes

Classic Spring

Photos by Anel Dzafic.

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