Camel Coat


Ok full disclosure here everyone. I took these photos last weekend when I was on one of my last days of a crippling bronchitis. If I look cold and slightly sickly, well it’s an accurate description of how I felt. I had been coughing like crazy and sleeping upright for almost 2 weeks. I did everything that I could think of to kick it (see my get-better-guide here), but in the end, I had to go on anti-biotics which was what cured me as much as I hate to admit it.

It was really rough, but inspired me to book a tropical vacay in March in Turks & Caicos. I couldn’t be more excited! Now it’s time to start bathing suit shopping and getting back into beach-ready shape. I have yet to work out in 2014 since I’ve been so busy and sick but this week, I’ve made a turn and things are about to seriously change!

In the meantime, while surviving the snow on snow on snow we’ve been experiencing, I love this outfit which I wore to a housewarming party last weekend. Camel coats are all the rage this winter and with all of the intense cold lately, a faux fur scarf is so necessary. They are out of the one that I have from Zara but this one is a dead ringer and on sale! And no, that’s not mass quants of dandruff, it’s fresh, powdery snow.

Once you get inside, people often turn up the heat so layers are a must. I’ve been loving this slouchy white tee (only $25!) that you can wear with a cozy cardigan or fitted blazer.






Photos by Rebecca Dale Photography.

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