Under the Weather? How to Get Better!

Under the weather? These natural cures for the common cold will have you feeling better in no time!

This weekend my sister and I had the brilliant idea of having an old-school slumber party. On Friday night, she came over to our apartment and we ordered pizza and made ice cream sundaes. Even though I ordered a vegetable pizza without cheese and ate coconut-milk ice cream, I must have had one too many bites of something wrong because I was out of commission for two full days with an upset stomach which inspired this post.

Whenever someone in my life gets sick, they email me asking what they should do to recover.
Here is my advice for your under-the-weather kind of days whether it’s the flu, a cold, or anything in between. (note: I’m not a doctor!):

1. I start out all sick days with a super hot shower, probiotics, and a homemade ginger-lemon tea (pour boiling water into a mug with chopped fresh ginger and fresh lemon juice). 2. Then I rest and drink liquids (water and green juice) as often as possible all day.
3. I have homemade miso soup for lunch and dinner and make sure to drink at least 2 or 3 more mugs of tea (Cold Care or my ginger-lemon specialty) along with all of the supplements listed above!

You can find recipes for my green juice and miso soup here and here.

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  1. printabelle said:

    Thank you for the excellent tips, I appreciate your advice and I definitely need to drink more fluids!

    8.5.14 · Reply