Cashmere Comfort


Oh cashmere, how I love you. I picked up this cashmere v-neck at Zara a couple of weeks ago on a shopping spree with Kat, during which I was grabbed by a homeless/high/really scary man on the street. It shook me up but now I’m definitely more aware of my surroundings even when walking around in nice areas of the city.

I wore this outfit for a date night with Anel to Heidi’s House, our favorite hidden gem of a restaurant on the Upper East Side. It made me feel sexy because of the short skirt but uber-comfortable because of the oversized sweater. Not to mention that he couldn’t stop rubbing my back because he liked the way the cashmere felt (Take note, ladies!).




Photos by Anel.

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  1. Catt said:

    You have great style but your skirts are just too short – especially with a fall look where you are wearing a sweater – your legs look bare and cold and out of proportion to the rest of your outfit….bring it down a couple of inches – it would look so much better.

    10.7.13 · Reply
  2. Dana said:

    I don’t agree with Catt – obviously the swaeter is oversized. I think you look gorg, and the outfit is perfect.
    xx Dana

    10.7.13 · Reply
  3. love the sweater! Tan cashmere and gold accessories are always a beautiful, classic fall look.

    10.7.13 · Reply
  4. Light colored sweaters indeed goes a long way 🙂 I love the way you paired it with something leather <3
    xoxo Zoe

    10.7.13 · Reply
  5. I can’t wait to try this restaurant! Just checked the website and It looks great-so exciting to find fantastic restaurants tucked away up here on the UES. I have to say, East End Kitchen is my favorite hidden find in my neighborhood. Amazing decor, even better food, and you can just walk in on a Saturday night without a reservation (which is unheard of here, as I’m sure you know!).

    10.7.13 · Reply
    • I love East End Kitchen too but Heidi’s House is my go-to. We can’t get enough. Let me know what you think!

      10.16.13 · Reply