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Working for a start-up is definitely. . . An experience. Some days are insanely packed with a never-ending to do list, while others are filled with meetings from morning until I leave for the day.

When we’re all at the office, it’s a pretty casual vibe dress-wise. Getting dressed up for work motivates me to work harder but comfort is key for long days so I try to look professional and laid back at the same time. Here are my 3 tips for anyone who works for a start-up and is wondering what the heck to wear to work:

1. A removable blush-colored blazer can go a long way. I take it off at my desk but it’s easy to throw on at a moment’s notice for a meeting without feeling stuffy.

2. In the same vain, wear flats every day (because you can!) and keep a spare pair of heels in your desk drawer. If investors are in town or you have an important client meeting, do a quick change-up under your desk and presto-chango you look like you’re one of those girls who prances around in heels all day like it ain’t no thang.

3. Most importantly, remember while although it can be a casual work environment, people (especially women) are often judged on appearance in the work place. So while a baseball cap and yoga pants might sound mighty good on a Wednesday, swap it out for your favorite tee, silky pants, a big necklace, and a messy bun. Still feels like lounge-wear but takes it up a notch. I wear this shirt to work at least once/week because it’s so versatile and comfortable (and only $20).

I styled this work outfit for the Glam Style App so be sure to check out more photos by downloading the app to your phone or iPad.





Photos by Rebecca Dale.

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