Fashionista Fridays: Jenn

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Vintage Dealer/Community Curator
Business:Stache Vintage

I’m so excited about this week’s Fashionista Fridays post because Jenn’s style is so different from my own but I absolutely love it! Although she and I work together at our day job, she is also up to some amazing things outside of Integrative Nutrition. She runs the most fabulous vintage studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I’ve picked up super fun pieces like the brooch and vest in this post! She is also starting a new venture, starting an incredible community space for Health Coaches, yogis, fashionistas, and other healthy, like-minded people. Here are some of her conservationista-like thoughts!

How would you describe your style?
Classic but with an edge – I love to wear a 50’s silk dress with sexy little red booties.

I’m also BIG into accessories – it’s rare to find me without at least 1/2 a dozen pieces of jewelry, my two go-to styles are stacks of necklaces worn together (usually dripping in vintage rhinestones) and big chunky rings.

What are your favorite brands?
I’m actually not much of a brand devotee. I decided to ‘green’ my consumer habits about 3 years ago, and pretty much stopped shopping retail if you can believe it! Now by all of my clothes vintage, thrift, or from indy designers.

Through my part-time biz Conservationista, I actually do closet clean outs and styling sessions to help others incorporate some of the same green habits, then my vintage studio Stache is stocked to fill in all the goodies & personal shopping needs!

I do sometimes still invest in quality everyday pieces new like great coats and jackets, trousers, handbags, and boots. For those I look for clean lines, exquisite tailoring & good structure – those things come first, and then I look at the label.

What is your number one piece of fashion advice?
Wear clothes that make YOU feel fabulous. Dressing for someone else almost always comes off as slightly uncomfortable, and rarely works well in the end.

I truly believe that being perceived as fashionable has very little to do with what you wear. Confidence is by far the sexiest accessory.

Any beauty secrets?
Drop the scary chemicals! I like to use sesame or coconut oil w/ lavender oil right out of the shower in place of moisturizer, and I even make my own deodorant.

For the less DIY inclined, Sprout Skincare is an awesome line of products that is made in small batches from all good stuff, and it’s getting attention in the press left and right!

For essentials like Sunscreen and shampoo, I keep an eye on where products are rated for the ‘goodness’ for the environment, your health, and their social impact.

What is your favorite thing about your look?
I love that I have grown in to a style that is a unique embodiment of my values and my aesthetic! I have come to a place in my life where I can love myself even on those days when I don’t full on love how I look, and that feels pretty good. <3

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