Best Products of 2017

Best 2017 Products by Julia Dzafic

The best products of 2017 are here. I have been compiling this list for months and am so excited to finally share it with you guys! This is a (non sponsored) review of all of my favorite products that I either bought or received in 2017. I kept adding more and more products, so eventually divided the post into beauty, fashion, home, and baby products to make it easier to navigate.

Some of these products really saved my a**, others made my life easier, and others just made me very very happy. Enjoy!


Jade Roller– My acupuncturist convinced me to get a jade roller to help not only with tightening up my skin, but also with jaw pain I’d been having as a result of grinding teeth in my sleep. For the last month or so, I’ve used it every day morning and night and am already seeing a difference in my face and under my eyes. I use it with a vitamin C serum (linked below) so that it really gets in my pores. Pro tip: Pop it in the fridge and roll first thing in the morning to combat puffiness. It really works!

Wet Brush– I realize that this item is not groundbreaking, but I hadn’t had one before so it was a game changer for me. Now I can brush my hair in the shower or right when I get out without worrying about damaging it. As a post partum mama, my hair is falling out like crazy so this helps it along without getting all over my towels.

DoTerra Essential Oils– I mention my diffuser below, but I also use DoTerra’s essential oils on my skin to lighten my mood (Citrus Bliss), prevent headaches (Peppermint), relax (Lavender), and boost immunity (OnGuard). I put them in my diffuser, roll them on my temples, and even throw a few drops in the bathtub. My favorite essential oil trick is to put a drop or two of lemon oil in your water bottle on airplanes to alkalize your water and detoxify. It seems to help with travel puffiness too!

Stella & Grace DePuffing Eye MasksSpeaking of puffiness… I discovered these eye masks in a FabFitFun box and am now a serious fan. So much so that I just bought a second box and picked up a few other products from the same brand to check them out. They are on Amazon which is another plus. They’re the first eye mask I’ve used that actually depuffs my undereye bags after a night of no sleep.

BeautyRx The Progressive Peel– I’ve added the whole peel regimen and their to my nightly routine and it makes my skin look and feel like I got a facial every single day. It’s actually kind of unreal. I follow it up with the Vitamin C Serum. which also does wonders. The whole routine has really brightened my skin tone and helped with discoloring!

Native Deodorant I have tried many of the natural deodorants on the market and Native blows them all out of the park. It even works on hot summer days. It took my body about two weeks to get used to it, but once I got through that time, it worked like a charm. I use the coconut and vanilla scent, but they have a lot of other great options too.

FashionJulia Dzafic in Dudley Stephens Fleece

Dudley Stephens Fleece Turtleneck– I have three of these fleece turtlenecks and wear them pretty much everyday when it’s cold out. It’s becoming a little awkward, ha! I have navy, grey, and black and love them so much, and not just because it’s my friend’s company! FYI before you ask, I wear a size small but when I was pregnant, I wore a medium. This is a best product of 2017, but will honestly extend far beyond that.

Lululemon Align Pant II– Anel is a lululemon ambassador so he’s constantly in the store for events and networking. One time when I was still pregnant, I asked someone working there if they made maternity leggings. They don’t, but she suggested I try their Align Pant II, a super stretchy legging this is  most comfortable thing ever and manages to suck you in at the same time. I sized up one size while pregnant, but ended up buying a second pair post-partum because I loved them so much. I wear them constantly, and they’re great for travel too!

Quay Avaitor Sunglasses These are the nicest affordable pair of sunglasses that I’ve ever owned. For $65, they look as nice if not nicer than any designer pair for $300 or more. I love how they’re mirrored and super oversized

Cuyana Zip Around Wallet I’ve had this monogrammed wallet for years in blush, but I had an incident with a rogue piece of chewed gum in my purse and completely destroyed it. I tried Goo Gone, but it was too late! I decided to treat myself to a new wallet and went for the same one but in Navy so it wouldn’t look as dirty in the long run. I get compliments on it in stores when I pull it out all the time.

M.Gemi Fortuna Flats– In 2017 I got my third pair of Fortuna flats but are including them in this round up because the Natural color has become a major staple in my wardrobe (I also have them in red and pink which aren’t available right now). For $198, you get amazing quality and fit that can’t be beat.

Mott & Bow Jeans– I haven’t loved the fit of a pair of jeans like this in a really long time. I have the mid-rise skinny in Eldridge and wear them constantly! They fit perfectly on the waist and butt and you can pick the length which helps for short-legged women like moi. Their whole schtick is premium denim at a fair price (under $100).


Serena and Lily Bistro Stools in Julia Dzafic Home

Serena & Lily Bedding I’ve had sleeping issues for as long as I can remember, so one thing that’s always a top priority for me is a comfortable and relaxing bed situation. We’ve always had Serena & Lily sheets (they’re my favorite by far of any sheets I’ve used) and this year we upgraded our duvet and shams to the brand as well. I love the oxford stripes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not cheap, but they last forever and investing in good bedding is so important in my opinion.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Ok so I didn’t actually buy this, I was gifted it by the brand for a campaign (Remember my first loaf of bread?) but it had been on my wish list for years and I’m so beyond obsessed with it now. I’ll continue sharing the recipes I make with it in the near future.

DoTerra Diffuser– Anel actually gave me this for Christmas last year and it was one of my favorite gifts. I would diffuse peppermint oil when I was pregnant for headaches and nausea, and we quickly bought a second diffuser for our bedroom for lavender oil before bed.

Bistro Counter Stools- When we redid our kitchen earlier this year, I decided to finally pull the trigger on a set of bistro stools that I’d been coveting for a while. They match our breakfast chairs and give the space a feeling of being in a French café.

Garbage Disposal Ok this is for sure the least sexy item on this list but when we bought and installed a garbage disposal in our sink, it was kind of a game changer. Before, we used to have to fish food out of the drain with our hands (yuck!) so it felt like a major luxury when we put it in. Side note: We thought we could install it ourselves but you actually need a plumber to do it, so don’t repeat our mistake!

MyOllie Dog Food– An ex-student of my dad works for MyOllie and reached out to me about trying the food for Boots. While it looked really cool online, it wasn’t cheap so I told her I’d try it as a favor and kind of figured we’d stop using it as soon as the press gift ran out. To my surprise, Boots fell in love with the food and was looking healthier and happier than ever so we stuck with it. To take down the cost, we mix it 50/50 with dry food and it’s been really great for him. Click here to get 50% off your first box of meals.

Lifefactory Water Bottle I have been a S’Well Bottle loyalist for years, but last week I picked up a Lifefactory bottle on a whim at Whole Foods because it was on sale. Being able to open the straw quickly to drink without having to unscrew a top has been so helpful, especially when there’s a baby in my arms

The Simplified Planner– I got this planner back in September and have been so excited to crack it open, and finally did! The color I have is sold out but it looks like this one is still available. I love it because you can plan out your day by the hour with your to do list on the same page. I also like that it’s ringed so you can open it all the way (great for lefties like me).

Smudge Spray– This must be like the fifth time I’ve written about this product but I’m clearly a giant fan. I bought it at a local store, but then realized it’s available at Anthropologie too. I spray it every time I clean up a room or just want some fresh energy around. Sounds totally loony, I know, but I swear it works. And if anything, it makes the room smell really clean and fresh without being overpowering in any way shape or form.


The SNOO Smart Sleeper in Julia Dzafic Home

SNOO– Another gifted product but major game-changer for us during Amalia’s first month or two was the SNOO Smart Sleeper bassinet. You can read my full review of The SNOO here, but I can’t tell you how much this helped us when she was a newborn!

Nest Camera– We have a regular baby monitor, but Anel was adamant about getting a Nest Camera for when we have babysitters and so that we can go back and look at her sleep or whatever we need to. I was against it at first for some reason because it freaked me out that we could get hacked, but once I got over that fear, I loved it. We also use the Nest thermostat and fire alarms, and it’s nice to have that all on one app on our phones.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Swaddles– When she was still being swaddled, Amalia was an escape artist. Her little hands would escape even the tightest swaddles and she’d wake herself up by scratching her face. It was so frustrating. My mom suggested these swaddles and they were a game changer. She lived in them for months and they helped her sleep so well as a tiny baby.

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit– Amalia loved being swaddled as a newborn, but once she hit three months, she wasn’t having it anymore. I was terrified about transitioning her out of it and thought it was cause a major sleep regression, but after many of you recommended the magic sleepsuit, we tried it out and she’s been sleeping in it for every nap/night ever since! We actually tried to transition her out of it into a regular sleep sack last week and it did not go over well so we decided to keep it for a little longer.

Nail Buffer One of the first times that we cut her nails, Anel accidentally nicked Amalia’s finger. We both completely lost it, feeling awful that we had hurt our (then very tiny) baby. That day, we bought a buffer so we wouldn’t risk it again. Now she loves getting her “manicures” from daddy.

ToteSavvy Diaper Bag Insert– If you’re obsessed with being organized like I am, you need this diaper bag insert. I always know where everything is and I can transfer it easily from bag to bag in one step.

Baby Book I mentioned my love for Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner above, but I love her baby book even more. It’s adorable and laid out perfectly. I also love that she has optional pages you can buy to tell your fertility journey. Anel and I have had so much fun filling it out every month and adding her milestones to it.

7am Enfant Lambpod With a name like that you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but it’s basically a super warm and comfy sleeping bag for the stroller to keep the baby toasty on chilly days. It’s so cozy and Amalia loves it. We also got their Warmmuffs which are awesome gloves because they live on the stroller handle and are crazy warm. You can just slip your hands right into them. Anything that saves time like that for moms is always much appreciated.

Beaba BabycookI never thought that I’d actually love making baby food. Steaming fruit and veggies seemed time and labor intensive… Until I got the Babycook. This cute little machine does it all which makes for fast meals and easy clean up. It makes me feel good when I can feed Amalia something that I made and I know exactly what’s going into it. We have the rose gold one, so it actually looks pretty chic on the counter.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles– Amalia has suffered from both gas (from 3-6 weeks old) and spit up (from 3-5 months old), but one of the things that we found that helped more than anything was feeding her from a Dr. Brown’s bottle. That meant a lot more pumping on my part, but it was worth it to have a happier baby in my opinion. The bottles are designed to prevent gas and they really make a huge difference. I recently discovered that they make them in glass too!

See more of my mommy must-haves in my updated baby registry post here. Have a best products of 2017 list of your own? I’d love to hear your suggestions! 


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