How Do You Holiday

Tartan iPhone case

Two more days of work until we all get a nice long break. The next 48 hours is going to be a mad dash of fitting 2 weeks work into two days, packing, traveling, and one happy hour. Just have to make it through!

I have to mention this because I spent 5 hours this weekend listening to Serial. My husband has been telling me for weeks to start listening but up until this weekend, I literally didn’t even know how to listen to a Podcast (#livinginthewrongcentury).

Holy cow, I’m so glad that I figured it out because I’m now a tried and true Serial addict like the rest of the country. I’m so obsessed with knowing whether Adnan is guilty or not and I know that I’ll never find out. It drives me crazy

Holiday 6


Red vest + Plaid

Plaid + Cashmere

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  1. Hallie Wilson said:

    We’re, like, kind of twinning today. Love your look! Happy holidays + cant’ wait to see you (again) soon xxxx

    12.22.14 · Reply
  2. Emily said:

    Love this look!


    12.22.14 · Reply
  3. Melissa Tierney said:

    Cute vest!


    12.22.14 · Reply
  4. Erin said:

    I recently discovered Podcasts and Serial too. Addicted! Check out the SNL Christmas spoof of it from the past Saturday! 🙂

    12.23.14 · Reply
  5. Christine Estler Higgins said:

    Thank you for admitting you didn’t know how to listen to a Podcast! I thought I was the only one!!! I guess I need to figure it out, so I can listen to Serial too!

    12.23.14 · Reply
  6. Roy Hansen said:

    Am I the only one here who finds books on audio and podcasts distracting? The only time I can listen to them is when I’m doing absolutely nothing else at all. I like them, but I can’t multi-task while listening at all.

    12.24.14 · Reply