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My very talented friend Arielle is an amazing jewelry designer, creating eccentric baubles in all shapes and sizes. She cleverly calls her designs “jeWELLry” because they promote health and wellness. She even goes as far as making sure that each of her pieces is infused with reiki (energy healing) so that the wearer feels the positive vibrations through the jewellry.

Her claim to fame is her iloveme collection consisting of rings and necklaces in sterling silver and bright 18k gold. The idea behind this collection is that each piece is a gentle reminder to love yourself so you can open your heart, receive love, and share it with others. Each heart is inscribed with the words “i love me” in delicate letters.

When I started working at Integrative Nutrition, I noticed that many of the women in the office were wearing this bulging heart on their finger and I wanted in! At that point, Arielle only produced them in silver but has since gold-dipped her rings and necklaces in 18k gold which is bright yellow, shiny, and stunning. I rock mine on my middle finger and receive compliments literally on a daily basis. One butcher at Whole Foods even made me write down her website so that he could buy one for his girlfriend.

Although she is toning down her custom-made designs, I have to mention the gorgeous necklace she designed for me. There are three strands of thick crystals: two of emerald green surrounding one of clear white. Each piece is divided by a small gold dot. I can’t even describe it’s vibrance in words!

Check out all of her goodies at her website: http://www.bewellwitharielle.com/

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  1. ADZ photos said:

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  6. raechal rae said:

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