Sunday Best


Easter Sunday is always freezing. Every year. I swear it’s a curse. Yesterday I was determined to dress up in a springy sleeveless dress . . . damn it and it was kind of doable in New Hampshire where I was spending the holiday with my family (and by doable I mean it was approx 45 degrees but sunny).

I love the uniqueness of this two-toned purple lace dress paired with delicate gold jewelry and neutral accessories. It really made for the perfect Easter Sunday look.

Buttttttttt let’s be honest. I shot this outfit with Rebecca a week ago when it was nice and toasty in New York. It is a fabulous dress and I’m sure that I’ll wear it to many a wedding this summer but I knew that I couldn’t wear it on actual Easter Sunday given how much chocolate I always end up consuming. A potato sack is more on point with the look I was going for. That worked out well for me.

We had such a nice New England weekend, complete with an Easter egg hunt with my 3-year old brother wearing Go-Pro on his head. Catching him sneaking a chocolate when he thought no one was looking was priceless.



Easter 2


Photos by Rebecca Dale Photography.

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