Let’s Go Get a Wave

I’ve only recently really discovered how important it really is to take care of my skin in the sun. Although I love a solid summer glow, I now know that I really have to watch it, especially with my face. I’m definitely trying to avoid both wrinkles and skin cancer completely! That being said, I still love a good beach day, so I take precautions like wearing a hat and sunglasses while still sunning my body (covered in SPF 30 of course). For anyone who knows me, this is a huge change from my past days of oiling up for hours in the sun, completely unprotected.

Here are my favorite products for the perfect beach skin!

1. SUNSCREEN: Alba Botanica SPF 30 Sunscreen: $10
2. FOOT SCRUB: Sabon Lemon Mint Body Scrub: $30
3. CHIP-FREE NAILS: Shellac Romantique Nail Polish: $6
4. BEACH HAIR: Frederick Fekkai Beach Waves: $25
5.SHIELD YOUR EYES: Dita Vesoul Sunglasses: $350
6. BIG HAT: Forever 21 Floppy Hat: $10
7. FACE PROTECTION: Cetaphil Daily Moisture with SPF 50: $12
8. GLOWING SKIN: Use coconut oil as a nighttime moisturizer for glowing skin all day long
9. CLEAR SKIN FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Apple Cider Vinegar- Take a shot in the morning mixed with water and lemon for even more of a glow!
10. WASH OFF THE DAY: Burt’s Bees Facial Towelettes: $6

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