Monogrammed Baseball Hat


Waveborn sunglasses, Marley Lilly monogrammed baseball hat, J.Crew blouse and shorts, Old Navy flats, Fernanda Niven clutch

As I was putting this outfit together, my photographer was looking at me like a crazy person. She was skeptical about all the stripes but when it finally came together, she was thoroughly impressed with my skill for stripe-mixing. There are two real reasons that I’m excited about this look. One, I’m kind of obsessed with my new monogrammed baseball hat and had to share it with you all. And two, I just discovered Waveborn shades!

Waveborn is a company run by two hot men who want to make the world a better place. Watch a video about their mission here and try to tell me you don’t have a crush on them. Oh and stay tuned . . . I’ll be giving a pair of these fab finds away in the next 2 weeks!







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