My Everyday Jewelry

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my jewelry. I collect lots of it but find myself reaching for the same pieces over and over. And certain things I never take off. Today I’m sharing my current roster of everyday jewelry.


Everyday diamond studs: My mom had a pair made for me for my 30th birthday and I wear them 90% of the time. I often leave them in for weeks (or months) without taking them off. They’re basically a part of my body at this point. I get asked about these almost every day Although I have nothing to link for you, this pair from Dana Rebecca looks very similar. As does this pair.

Kismet studs: I reach for these pretty gold and mother of pearl earrings when I actually think to change them out. Anel bought them for me a few years ago and I don’t know what it is about them but they’ve become a go-to. I think they’re so pretty.

Sara studs: I have a second piercing on one ear and two more on the other. I like to wear simple, tiny studs in those if I wear anything at all. I like this set because it’s affordable (and CZ) but you can’t tell at all that they aren’t diamonds.

Heart studs: Lately I’ve been reaching for these (in turquoise which Ashley no longer makes, sadly) for a pop of color and something a little different.


Initial necklace: By far the most asked about piece of jewelry I own is my necklace with the kids’ initials. I bought it at a local shop, JL Rocks, for my birthday last year and haven’t taken it off since. The shop has a website but not this exact necklace so if you’re interested in it, you can call them and they’ll ship it anywhere in the country.

Diamond solitaire necklace: When my grandmother passed away, she left me her engagement ring. She adored my grandfather and she adored that ring. I wanted to create something with the diamond that I could wear every day to remind me of the two of them so my friend Christina set it into the most perfect necklace. You can see the exact setting here.

Evil eye necklace: I have this cute little evil eye pendant on one Gigi Clozeau’s mini necklaces. I wear it daily with the initials and diamond solitaire.

Helen heart necklace: I bought this vintage-inspired heart necklace when my niece Helen was born. I like to layer it in with my other everyday necklaces every week or two. I always wear it when I visit Helen and plan to give it to her when she turns 16 (awwwwww).

ASHA charms: I’ve been collecting ASHA charms for years and I mix and match them on this gold chain. I have a Zodiac charm, a turquoise evil eye, the mama charm, and a few initial charms.


Diamond tennis bracelet: Christina also made me this bracelet. It was something I had wanted to buy for myself for years and promised myself I would when I hit a certain milestone. It’s so special and so sparkly!

Evil eye bracelet: I bought this little bracelet on a trip to Palm Beach with Anel earlier this year and I’ve worn it almost every day since. The mix of high low with the tennis bracelet is so good.

Be happy bracelet: My two best pals and I have this matching be happy beaded bracelet. It’s so cute and, well, happy!


Wedding + engagement ring: Read all about the custom revamp I did for our 10 year anniversary.

Signet ring: I sometimes wear family rings or dainty rings on my right hand but I don’t wear anything else on my fingers every day. I have a ton of rings but change them out frequently. The one I reach for the most, however, is a bespoke signet ring that Anel and Ashley created for me for a birthday a few years back. The design is a J (for Julia), an A (for Anel), and a small A where the letters overlap (for Amalia). He bought this before Luca was even a thought but we’ve since realized that there is an L where the letters overlap as well! It’s so special