My Summer Closet

Over the long weekend, I finished swapping out my summer and winter clothes which always feels like an exciting time in the year. Every Memorial Day I pack up my sweaters, scarves, and jackets, replacing them with breezy dresses, striped tees, and sunhats. While my overly robust rattan bag collection probably won’t be getting much use this year, I assume I’ll be living in two outfits all summer: Loose and comfy dresses (the summer sweatpant, IMO) and denim shorts with a simple tee.

With that in mind, I re-organized my closet so everything I need is easy to grab. Dresses and tops hang on the left side (most of the dresses are hiding from this picture but they’re back there!) and summer sweaters hang on the top right. My off-season clothes went into the guest room closet (hanging) and our basement storage room (folded, in clear bins).

I have shorts and sweatshirts in clear bins on a shelf above shirts. I find that if I pile them on a shelf they get really messy after a week or two and putting them in the bin keeps them contained. I also put baseball caps in a clear bin (above my jeans) because Anel stole my hanging hat contraption (seen here). But I’m finding I prefer the bin storage method because I wear hats so often (to walk the dog, go for runs, etc) that I need something easy to grab and then toss back in.

The drawers contain hair accessories on top (headbands, clips, etc), swimsuits in the second drawer (pictured below) then bags and belts in the bottom two drawers. I have two grey woven baskets on the floor, one for summery rattan bags and one for lightweight scarves.

The only thing not pictured here is my tee shirt collection which is in my dresser (in our bedroom).  I have really pared down my closet over the last year and feel very excited about everything in it right now. It all sparks joy, if you will. Oh and some of my shoes which I keep in our mudroom. As you can see, I don’t have a lot of shoes here. I only wear a handful of pairs so I donated most of mine last fall.

I also spent time updating my summer capsule wardrobe post from last year and was happy to find that it still holds true. The only changes I made were to swap out links for anything sold out. From denim shorts to easy dresses, it really does cover everything you need for a perfect summer capsule wardrobe. The only addition I would make this year is a perfectly easy pair of slip-on sneakers like the Tretorns I have come to love so much this year.

I linked all of the storage pieces and some of the clothing below but let me know if you’re looking for something specific that you see here. The closet system itself was installed when we bought the house so I don’t know where it’s from but I think they built it to fit the space. The other half of this closet is Anel’s and it’s set up very differently.

Container Store Drawers
Wicker Purse (hanging, gifted)
Striped Shirt (on Julia)
White J.Crew Jeans (on Julia)
Bow Sun Hat (in hand, gifted)
Tretorn White Sneakers (on carpet)
Grey Woven Baskets (on floor, size large)
Clear Plastic Bins (on shelves, size large, the one smaller one is medium, all on sale!)
Acrylic Sunglasses Stand (originally used to store clutches, on sale)
Dash & Albert Leopard Rug (no longer available)
No-Slip Velvet Hangers

Photos by Julia Dags.

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  1. Morgan said:

    I love this! So bright and colorful and easy to find! I would love a post on easy dresses. Like multiple price points that aren’t super dressy since let’s be honest we aren’t going anywhere right now.

    5.26.20 · Reply
  2. Julie said:

    I’d love to know your favorite sunglasses – those that have stuck around through the years!

    5.27.20 · Reply