Neon Neon

If you ask any of my friends what my favorite article of clothing is this summer, they would all be sure to mention my J.Crew neon green shorts. I realize that the sound of “neon green shorts” brings up horrendous images of 80’s spandex and 90’s board shorts. But I’m obsessed, and they really work!

If you read this blog, you know that one of my very important fashion rules is to wear something every day that will earn you a compliment. For summer, I think that rule can be amped up to: wear something everyday that will earn you a “wow”. These shorts certainly do the trick. In fact, pretty much anything neon will stir up some sort of reaction. If you’re not into the shorts, try one of Essie’s neon nail polish shades (I like Funky Limelight, it matches the shorts) on either your fingers or toes. Not both- it’s overkill.

That’s the thing about neon: too much will make your head spin, but a small accent will get you a “wow” or two. Some other great examples of bright brights are neon blue pumps with a simple neutral dress. I’ve also seen some amazing Sam Edelmann bright pink gladiators. For $5 off the side of the road, you can pick up a fabulous pair of electric blue “ray-bans” that will do the trick too. So go out and get bright before you blink your eyes and it’s Thanksgiving!

7.22.10- I have to add this picture of my beautiful sister that I took this morning wearing her neon yellow scarf. Apparently she reads my blog!

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