Bean Boots Season


PSA: If you live in New England, or anywhere snowy for that matter, you should get a pair of Bean Boots in your life. I know it seems early to be telling you this fact but they sell out quickly… every year! Come November when you need them, they’ll be gone and we’ll all be sh*t outta luck. I have been wearing the 8″ version since middle school and, as a New Hampshire girl, know the importance of height come snow season.

That being said, if you live in a city or some place where the snow doesn’t pile up quite so hight, the 6″ version is great too. I have two pairs, the classic one in the photos but also a pair with Thinsulate for really cold winter walks. They’re $20 more but make a world of difference if you’re going to be out for a while. Or you can pair the classics with thick camp socks like I did in the first few photos in this series.

We started taking these photos with Boots when he was three months. I wish we had started earlier when he was really tiny but it’s still been such a fun way to watch him grow. If you look at the first pic, his head was below my knee-hole and in the last one (taken over a month ago by the way) he’s up to my hip! Insane how big our little puppy has gotten.

In the seven months that we’ve had him, I’ve learned so much about dogs and how to love unconditionally. Read more about lessons I’ve learned from Boots and my Puppy 101.

Full disclosure: I saw Carly‘s post reminder her readers to shop now which is what inspired this one. 

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