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As promised, here is my second post of the day! While the holiday season is lots of fun and games (and food and drink), for us bloggers it is “busy season”, meaning I buckle down on nights and weekends in addition to my usual hours to bring you more content, shoot more outfits, and put together lots of fun gift guides. While it’s actually pretty fun, every year the shear hours alone make me feel a little crazy and worn down. I’m excited to take off the holiday and weekend with my family. We’re leaving tomorrow morning and I’m hoping to have minimal time on my computer until Sunday night. Who’s with me?

As I sat at my desk for hours yesterday, stressing over what to put in my gift guides, creating collages, and figuring out how to make the most of the biggest week of sales of the year, I finally hit a breaking point and make the conscious decision (with a little guidance from Jess) to chill out, do the best I can do, and delegate as much as possible. I finally got someone to help me design collages (which usually take me 2+ hours). I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!

As someone who has worked pretty much alone on my business for six years (with the exception of my amazing manager, Ariana), it’s hard to ask for help. I know that no one else can do the work exactly the way I can, and that’s scary! But I know that I will be more creative, and can bring you better posts if I focus on the stuff that I’m good at, and delegate the stuff that I’m not. Good life lesson in general, BTW.

Ok, rant over. Onto the outfit…

Although it’s all of a sudden freezing (were those flurries??), last weekend was warm enough that exposing my ankles and wrists wasn’t a problem. I’m so in love with these plaid flats (I also have this pair and this pair, it’s a problem), so will have to figure out a way to wear them without freezing my feet off for the next few months. I rolled up the sleeves on one of my all time favorite plaid shirts. It’s already sold out in a few sizes, but this one is a classic and very similar.

This outfit would be great for navigating Black Friday sales if you’re doing it on foot later this week!






 Shirt (in Cherry Jam) / Similar Shirt for $44 (avail in all sizes) / Vest / Jeans / Flats c/o / Hat

Photos by Courtney Ann Photography.

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  1. cDs said:

    We got flurries this past weekend too! Love your plaid as per usual!
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/

    11.22.16 · Reply
  2. CelebratingthisLife said:

    Twice in one day! Excellent! I hear ya about delegating. It’s a great management skill to develop but one that is so hard for creatives in my experience (probably too many Type A’s)! Enjoy your time off, we’ll be here when you get back! xx Rox-Anne, Celebratingthislife.ca

    11.22.16 · Reply
  3. Diana Pearl said:

    Such a cute casual outfit! And good for you for delegating. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help, but feels so good when you get it! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    x Diana // http://www.dianapearl.com

    11.22.16 · Reply
  4. Kamana@SocialandStyle said:

    so in love with holiday look!

    11.23.16 · Reply
  5. Caitlin said:

    You need a festive reusable coffee cup! 🙂

    11.23.16 · Reply
  6. Katie said:

    This outfit is so cute, Julia! Love it!


    11.24.16 · Reply