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Preppy fall vest

Happy Halloween, you guys! Over the weekend, Anel and Boots and I dressed up a superhero/villain family for a friend’s party with Boots as Batman (natch), Anel as The Joker, and me as Cat Woman. Tonight, we’re taking a more casual approach for what is going to be a busy night… Apparently our block is the hottest one in town for trick or treating, which meant I had to spend literally $200 on candy so that we don’t run out. Those kids better be extra cute is all I have to say. JK! Kind of…

Halloween fun fact: Anel and I started dating exactly seven years ago today. I was dressed as Beyoncé from the Single Ladies video and Anel was a gladiator. A match made in heaven! We had our first kiss that night and the rest was history. We don’t really celebrate our dating history anymore, but it’s fun to remember that night and the first few months of our relationship. I can’t believe how young we were!

Now that Halloween is here, and it’s almost November, we’re about to be in full on holiday-season mode. Ugh but yay, you know what I mean? I’m starting to break out all of my red plaid pieces including this amazing puffer vest that’s currently on sale for only $44. I wore it over a classic Saint James tee last week for this look but will probably live in it with chunky sweaters until Christmas.

I can’t believe the holidays are around the corner but on the bright side, I can finally start listening to Chrstmas music tomorrow according to a rule that my sister and I live by: It starts the day after Halloween. #jinglealltheway

In other news, I had to go on antibiotics over the weekend for a tooth infection, and they’re making me feel terrible. I hate taking medicine at all, even popping an Advil give me anxiety so I can’t tell if it’s in my head or real. Does anyone else get stomach aches and dizziness from amoxycillin? Would love to know!

Fall preppy outfit

Lands End Plaid Vest

Plaid and Stripes

Lands End Vest


Plaid Vest (on sale for $44!) c/o / ShirtTote c/o LL Bean / Booties

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