Re-Wear It: Striped Cardigan

It’s been a minute since I did a re-wear it post but TBH getting dressed hasn’t been something I’ve done much of for the last, I don’t know, 6 months. But I bought myself a few fall pieces last week including the most perfect cropped striped cardigan so here we are.

When J.Crew’s fall arrivals came out, it was immediately my number one pick so I ran to the store and shopped in person for the first time since March to try it on. The sweater fits oversized and I’m in between sizes at J.Crew so I sized down on this one. It also comes in navy with white stripes, solid, and leopard (all 40% off today).

And because I know someone will say something, please excuse my one unkempt nail… I had a gel manicure and peeled it off which is very unlike me!

Note: I know that this series was intended to focus on old items in my closet but I haven’t pulled out my fall wardrobe yet and I felt really excited about this cardigan. If you’ve seen something in my closet that you want me to re-wear for next month, let me know!

Outfit 1: Drinks with Friends

I have this slip skirt in three colors because it’s just so perfect (pink version styled 5 ways here). I love the fit and simplicity of it and how it can be dressed way up or way down. I recently got the leopard version which is perfect for pattern-mixing with stripes, IMO. This is an outfit that I’ll wear over and over again this fall.

Cardigan / Black Tee / Skirt / Sneakers / Necklace / Sunnies

Outfit 2: Work from Home

On the days when I’m really feeling feisty, I’ll get this dressed up for WFH. I’m usually in leggings and a tee but sometimes for Zoom calls or when I want to feel extra productive, I go all out and actually throw on a pair of jeans (boyfriend jeans only at this point, let’s be honest!) and a headband to cover the hair I probably didn’t brush.

Cardigan / White Tee / Headband / Necklace / Boyfriend Jeans

Outfit 3: Date Night

I love this pretty yellow dress so much! I wore it this weekend (here) but we warned that it runs big so size down.

Cardigan / Dress / Headband

Photos by Julia Dags.


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  1. Lindsey said:

    Thank you for the outfit post! A refreshing homage to earlier times when we all got dressed everyday!

    9.14.20 · Reply
  2. Amanda said:

    I’m a little disappointed, as I thought the re-wear it series was supposed to focus on a piece already in your closet, not one recently purchased. 🙁

    This feels like another post for link clicks and unnecessary purchases, rather than giving me fall inspiration from items currently in my/your closet.

    9.14.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I hear you! The idea of this series is to inspire people to wear one piece in many ways to get multiple uses out of it. Although this cardigan happens to be new for me, others might have something similar in their closet that they can wear similarly to these photos. I hope that makes sense!

      9.14.20 · Reply
  3. Dina said:

    Your hair looks so good! Color and length! Also don’t listen to the negative comments about your looks! You are beautiful and nothing can stop you! Happy Fall!

    9.14.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Thank you so much Dina! xo

      9.14.20 · Reply
  4. Noelle said:

    How is this a re-wear if it is brand new? Just say that this is post for clicks and swipe ups, you know honesty and all

    9.14.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Re-wear… as in here is how to re-wear the sweater 3 ways? And of course it’s for clicks and swipe ups. That is literally how I make my income 🙂 But it’s also to inspire people to style something in different ways to get more use out of it.

      9.14.20 · Reply
  5. R said:

    I want to point out that you used the word “rachet” in this post. This is appropriative and not ok.

    Here’s an article that explains why:

    From the article: “When white and other non-Black people use this terminology to gain social relevance, we are often able to turn it on and off when necessary. We can perform traditionally Black expressions, without having to face the societal and institutional oppression Black people often experience because of them…When non-Black people use BVE it can feed into a culture of appropriation; a culture that continues to take from Black people. Non-Black folks can use BVE or other methods of Black cultural expression like a costume, wearing it when it benefits them and taking it off before retreating back to privilege.”

    9.14.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I had no idea. Thank you for letting me know. I’ve changed the language and now know for next time!

      9.15.20 · Reply
  6. Jackie said:

    Hi Julia-

    Love this post! Although you bought the sweater I think people are missing the point about re-styling a basic item.

    I would love to see this series with the sweater blazer from J. Crew! I think you have this item in leopard (which I love) but it looks to be sold out in other sizes.


    9.15.20 · Reply
  7. Libby said:

    Oh yay!! I love this series, Julia! And, the fall things at J. Crew are so good this season!! Maybe you could do a re-wear it for one of your pandemic staples?! Leggings, Dudley Stephens?! Just some thoughts, ahah


    9.15.20 · Reply