Paris & London Packing List

Later this week, Anel and I are heading on our first European vacation since having kids. This is wild to me because we used to be big travelers and then life kind of just… happened. I had PPA with Amalia then we bought a new house and couldn’t afford to travel far, then COVID hit then we had Luca and here we are.

It will be the first time we’re leaving the kids for more than a few days (we’re going for a full week!) and I honestly think it will be harder for me than for them. I’m going to miss my babies so much but also am SO EFFING EXCITED I can’t even tell you.

Here are a few of the things I’m packing for our little adventure. It’s a lot less of my usual blue and white florals, right?

1. Raffia Bag

2. Black Blazer

3. Sandals

4. My Favorite Bodysuit

5. Red Maxi Dress

6. White Wide-Leg Pants

7. High-Waisted Shorts

8. Sweater Tank

9. Black Dress

10. White Silk Top

11. The Perfect Button Down

12. “Going Out” Top

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