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Lemon Stripes in Patterned Shorts

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Last week I featured an amazing poolside cover up by a brand that I just discovered, and today, they’re popping up again! These patterned shorts are definitely out of my usual comfort zone but when Camilla sent them to me, I figured I’d challenge myself by styling them in a way that I’d actually wear them. Last week, Anel and I were headed to an early dinner so I figured it was the perfect time.

Something that bloggers don’t talk about that often is how awkward it can be to take photos sometimes. I loved the pink tree in my neighbor’s lawn so we parked in front of it and started snapping. Because it was a weekday evening, people were home from work and walking their dogs or running around with their kids and I was right in the middle of all that. As always, everyone asked if Anel and I wanted a shot together and, as always, we explained that we were shooting for a blog… one older gentleman asked me what a blog was. So that was fun…

Anyway, despite the awkwardness that ensued during this shoot, I love the look and plan to recreate it again soon. Boots also seemed to like it as he kept jumping in front of the camera. I know he was in yesterday’s post too but I couldn’t not share these pics of him looking so cute and curious!

Total side bar. The pink tree in this post is gorgeous but every time I walk by it, my left eye turns red and start watering. No exaggeration. Is anyone else having the worst allergies ever this spring?

Lemon Stripes in Camilla shorts

Cherry Blossoms in Connecticut

Lemon Stripes in blue Camilla shorts

Julia Dzafic and Boots the pup

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  1. Mary Fremeau said:

    You look adorable! Those shorts are FABULOUS!! 🙂

    5.11.16 · Reply
  2. Daisy said:

    I always wondered about that with Fashion blogging….do people stop and make it awkward 😉 (PS i think you misspelled Patterned in the title)

    5.11.16 · Reply
  3. Dana Mannarino said:

    I am LOVING those shorts!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    5.11.16 · Reply
  4. Sarah T said:

    Love those shorts and any pics with Boots are always good in my book!

    5.11.16 · Reply
  5. Kate {Taffeta and Tulips} said:

    Love those shorts! They look super comfy and I’m loving how you styled them with that classic white blazer!

    Taffeta & Tulips

    5.11.16 · Reply
  6. Samantha Cossick said:

    I love this whole outfit! The shorts are so pretty! — SC at

    5.11.16 · Reply
  7. Jillian Attaway said:

    So cute! I love the way you styled the shorts (and I hear ya on the awkward photo shoot questions and comments, woof!)!
    XO, Jillian

    5.11.16 · Reply
  8. graceatwood said:

    obsessed with these!!!!

    5.13.16 · Reply
  9. Maya Trevathan said:

    Oh my gosh those SHORTS girl!!! So cute! NEED.

    I feel you on the photo awkwardness haha. Sometimes I feel like everything about blogging is awkward. At least “What’s a blog?” is better than “Ugh why does everyone have a blog these days??” which I feel can be our generation’s reaction sometimes. Oh well… I’m a brand new blogger (and model) and love it no matter what!

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

    5.15.16 · Reply