3.1 Philip Lim x Target


Seemingly everyone has at least one piece from the 3.1 Philip Lim for Target collection in this mustard and navy leopard print pattern. Hallie has the blazer, Hitha has the sweater, and Jessica has the skirt. We made a plan to wear them all at the same time and hang out (Are we joking? Can you tell?). We’ll be like a gang. In yellow leopard print.

I can’t wait to see how they all wear it but for now, here’s what I put together. Obviously I pattern-mixed because, well, because I’m me. I was going to go with just the shirt and skirt but there was a lovely and exciting chill in the air this weekend that forced me to add a navy blazer. Speaking of this weekend, let me tell you a little bit about the disasters that I overcame . . .

On Thursday, I lost all of my Lemon Stripes files on my lap top. All of them. It was a great tragedy! I’m still unsure as to how it happened but I spent hours at the Apple Store and Tekserve only to find out that they are un-recoverable. Of course I shed tears but then on Saturday morning I decided to turn my luck around. I made the conscious decision to have a good attitude, be nicer to my husband, smile to people on the street, and dress up in yellow and navy to make me happy. It worked! I had a great weekend that included QT with my man, a fun night out with girlfriends, a great work out, a brunch at The Smith, and baking apple muffins (recipe to come tomorrow).

Sometimes an adjustment in your ‘tude can make all the difference. Let’s all try to keep that in mind this week.





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