Selfies in the Bathroom

photo 1

J.Crew sweater, skirt, and shirt

I never had MySpace, but judging by my Instagram, I probably should have! I’ve become a master at taking selfies in the bathroom and other fun places like elevators, changing rooms, and even windows. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

photo 2

c/o Annie Griffin blouse, J.Crew jeans

photo 4 (1)

Uniqlo pants, J.Crew shirt and sweater

photo 5

H&M blazer and shirt, J.Crew necklace


c/o Marley Lilly hat, J.Crew jeans and shirt

photo 1 (2)

Uniqlo blouse, J.Crew jeans, Kate Spade Saturday sunglasses

photo 2 (1)

H&M blazer, J.Crew shirt


photo 3 (1)

C.Wonder sweater, Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, Madewell jeans


photo 2 (2)

American Apparel leggings, Zara necklace, J.Crew sweater and shirt


photo 3 (2)

Kate Spade Saturday shirt and belt, J.Crew jeans


photo 1 (1)

J.Crew sweater, blazer, and jeans


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