Ok you guys. It’s seriously time for me to shape up. Over the last few weeks, because of the arctic temperatures and bone chilling winds, I’ve made excuses about everything. It’s cold, I need to eat more bread. It’s cold, I can’t work out. I did dry January, so of course I can have an extra drink whenever I want in February! You get the picture.

It’s really pathetic especially given this post from last week. But then I realized that we’re going to Tulum in 17 days and I need to get back on track! I feel heavy, lethargic, stuffy, bloated, and just not 100% great, which I know is a function of not taking care of my body in the way that I should.

Last night I made a spread sheet (my favorite activity of all time) for getting in shape before our trip. This is my trick whenever I get in a health and wellness rut. I make the list in a Google doc and then every day I put a check mark next to things when I do them. Some examples are: Morning hot water with lemon, take my vitamins, work out, etc. I only allow myself a few check marks per week for things like alcoholic drinks which I love but make me feel terrible, always.

Buying and wearing my new sporty kicks makes me more motivated for some reason. Or at least that’s what I’m telling my husband as an excuse for buying them.

What are your tricks for staying on track?

New Balance x J.Crew

Errand Running

Casual Look

Weekend Wear

Neon Sneakers

Denim Jacket

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