Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 1st means two things. First and foremost, Dry January is over and I can’t wait to have a cocktail at dinner tonight with friends. I’ll give an update on that next week when I announce February’s wellness challenge, but overall it went really well and I feel amazing slash am wondering why I ever drink in the first place.

Secondly, February means you should brace yourselves for all of the Valentine’s Day product and content. I’m not really into it as a holiday in general, but Anel and I usually get each other something small and write a card to show appreciation for each other. My dad always sends me roses and chocolates so Anel is off the hook on that one. Although I hope he keeps that tradition alive with Amalia. It’s so sweet!

The other thing I always do is treat myself to a little something because self love is love too, and it’s the love that often gets overlooked the most. This year, I bought myself the Diptyque Limited Edition Rose Candle, a fun twist on their Roses candle that they come out with every Valentine’s Day. The container is so pretty on my desk and it smells like a beautiful rose bomb! If you’re not into the scent of roses, definitely skip this one. It’s intense.

For something a little more affordable, I love these cute heart socks ($14), this babe mug (not pictured), or a box of my all time favorite candy ($20).

I started looking around for my list below and ended up finding cute gifts for men and kids so included those as well. In this process I also realized that I should get Valentines for all of the kids in Amalia’s class so I bought two sets of these (Outta This World option) and will give those out to her class and other little buddies.

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Heart Socks, $14
Sugar Lips, $20
Hanky Panky Set, $62
Pearl Huggie Earrings, $63
Gucci Bag, $1,190 (Just go nuts!)
Chic Slippers, $47
Scarf, $48
Pearl Velvet Headband, $150 (Dupe here for $42)
Diptyque Limited Edition Candle, $72
Fleece Pullover, $50
Rose Quartz Face Roller, $28

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Heart Print Socks, $14
Flip Alarm Clock, $39
Classic Tie, $33 (Marked down from $65!)
In the Mood For You Door Hanger, $12
Fjallraven Backpack, $80
Gentleman’s Sheet Mask, $17
Money Clip, $25
Boy Smells Candle, $29

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Neon Heart Beanie, $16
Mama & Dada Boxed Book Set, $33
Love First Tee, $29
Conversation Hearts Headband, $15
Fur Heart Pillow, $31
Heart Backpack, $19
Year in Stickers, $25


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  1. Melissa Symons said:

    These are all beautiful! I certainly wish for the Gucci bag But I’ll have to be realistic and treat myself to that beautiful scarf, I just love it! It looks so high end! Will be perfect for my vacation to keep my hair back

    2.1.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Hahah same. I love that scarf and really want it too! Hoping Anel reads this post and buys it for me 🙂

      2.1.19 · Reply
  2. Nora said:

    Love the memories of being a little kid and handing out valentines – oh the excitement!

    2.1.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Right? And getting them from a boy you like!

      2.1.19 · Reply
  3. Tina said:

    Do you proofread your posts? First off, Gucci back is $1,190, not $1,900. Second, “Pearl Velvet Headband, $150 (Dupe here for $X)” — no link for the dupe and no price. I can’t imagine who would spend $150 on a hideous headband, but at least provide the dupe.

    2.1.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      You seem like a lovely person! I updated the copy. Not that I need to explain but sometimes when I update my posts, they don’t save and an older version goes live. It’s an issue I’m trying to fix on my backend. Also, do you proofread your comments? Should be Gucci “bag” not Gucci “back” Have a great day! 🙂

      2.1.19 · Reply
      • Catherine said:

        Please be polite and respectful and know some boundaries. You wouldn’t go into someone’s home and badmouth them, so please don’t post such hateful comments on Julia’s blog. These comments are disgraceful and completely unnecessary.

        2.1.19 · Reply
      • Whitney said:

        That is hysterical ! Great response 🙂

        2.1.19 · Reply
    • Dorit said:

      Tina (if in fact this is your real name and not your internet troll name)- Did writing this comment do anything productive for your life? And maybe ask yourself, was it necessary? Could you have simply just written “Hey Julia, looks like you have a link missing!” There are plenty of ways to let someone know something is not working without being rude. Just something to think about.

      Julia- thank you for putting this list together! I’ve always wanted a Diptyque candle so I might splurge and get one soon 🙂

      2.1.19 · Reply
      • Julia said:

        Thanks Dorit! Well said. Criticism is always welcome but there is a kinder way to give it!

        2.2.19 · Reply
  4. Libby said:

    I love Sugarfina for valentines gifts!! I actually am shipping my best friends some of their fave sugarfina treats for a cute Galentines day gift!! Happy february, and end to dry January!!

    xoxo Libby

    2.2.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      That is so sweet. One of my favorite girl gifts to give too 🙂

      2.2.19 · Reply