Arugula Pasta

At this point, I write about pasta so much, perhaps I should dedicate this whole blog to pasta recipes! It’s what I grew up with, it’s my comfort food, it’s what I know.

For my birthday, Anel took a cooking class from the lovely Chef Karolina so for once he could cook dinner for me. Together, they made homemade arugula pasta. He told her that he wanted to combine all of my favorite ingredients: pasta, greens, and lemon. She came up with a hit!

It was so good, we (correction: he) made it twice last week. It’s simple and easy and perfect for summer.

Arugula Pasta
– Cook 1 bag pasta with plenty of salt (brown rice, whole wheat or fresh)
– While pasta is cooking, finely chop two cloves of garlic
– Juice one lemon
– Wash 1 bunch baby arugula
– When pasta is done cooking, strain and put aside
– In a sautee pan, heat olive oil and the chopped garlic for a minute or 2
– Add the cooked pasta and pour lemon juice over it
– Stir all the ingredients for about a minute and add the washed arugula
– Cook for 30 more seconds and serve

It’s like a salad and pasta all together!

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  1. Mom said:

    Sounds great. Maybe chill the leftovers and add cherry or grape tomatoes for a pasta salad. I tend to want to add extra garlic or maybe some pesto sauce if I have any. Would that be too much? I love arugula and I grow it.

    7.25.10 · Reply
  2. Julia said:

    That's a great idea! I'll add my frozen garlic scapes pesto to it next time.

    7.26.10 · Reply