5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

I’m so excited for the guest post below, written by my friend and Health Coach extraordinaire, Terra Rose. Enjoy her healthy holiday tips as the season of joy (and lots of sugary food) comes to town!


The sweet aroma of hot apple cider fills the air… Here it is again, decorated in twinkling lights, handmade scarves and time with the people we love.

The holidays have arrived and like always, they bring forth joy and stress, nurturing food and an over abundance of food, love, laughs and “please don’t say that Aunt Elna”.

This holiday season will surely be another one logged in the ‘precious memories’ file and this year, let’s include one of the happiest memories of all, “I was happier, healthier and sexier all season and especially on New Year’s Day!”

Let’s dive in…5 Tips for a healthy holiday season!

1. Schedule a 1-Minute Vacation
A one minute vacation? Really?! Oh yes! These are fun, amazing and extraordinarily effective! Grab out your calendar and every 2-3 hours, schedule in a 1-minute-vacation with a reminder. Then when the reminder goes off, stop what you’re doing, stand or sit still and close your eyes. Breathe deep and imagine yourself in your ideal vacation spot. This is a great tool if you are working on manifesting a vacation or a dream too. This minute is just for you! Play in your imagination…and make sure you’re having fun!

2. Be Awesome + Fair OR Awesomely Fair
Sometimes during the holidays, when we know there will be temptation around, we put a lock down on what we will eat. One year, I said to myself that I would do a 90 day juice cleanse through the holidays (drinking nothing but juice). Not only was this unfair, but it was absurd. So, plan ahead and be fair. Set your treat or meal allowance and stick to it. This gives your body the ability to really build trust in you.

3. Eat Before You Go Out
Be on your side and set yourself up for success. Eat before you go to parties, bring your lunch to work and make sure to carry healthy snacks around in your bag. Even enjoy a healthy sweet before you go out so your sweet tooth doesn’t fiercely come out for a visit. Then, see #2 on how to be fair + plan ahead.

4. Inhale Deeper, Exhale Longer
Our bodies are so amazing, they can’t be stressed and relaxed at the same time. This means that if we make our inhale deeper and make our exhale longer than our inhale, we are automatically relaxing our bodies and allowing the stress to flow right out. Sometimes it’s tempting to stay in a stress state because it feels like we can’t function if we’re not. However, we actually function better, get more done and still have brain + body juice at the end of the day. Ahhhh…

5. Keep Holy Basil On-Hand
Holy Basil is simply wonderful! It’s a nerve tonic (relaxes and balances your nervous system) and helps to sharpen your memory. It also helps to strengthen the stomach and promotes the movement of phlegm (in case too much sugar or dairy is consumed ;). Taking 2/day throughout the holiday season is a great way to support your system.

Cheers to you and here’s wishing you the absolute best, most amazing holiday season of your life!


PS: Terra has put together an entire {free} Health for the Holidays virtual series for women who want to have a happy, healthy + holistic holiday season.

She’s included a travel guide, eating-out guide, how to navigate temptation, recipes (gluten, dairy, corn, soy, gmo free) and so much more.

Sign up now, here!

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