La Nourriture

{bright tomatoes from an farmer’s market in Aix-en-Provence}

The absolute best thing about France is the food (“la nourriture” in French). Traditionally people think of French food as cheese, fois gras, and very rich, heavy meat dishes. Those things are definitely rampant, but the country is also full of gorgeous markets packed with fresh fruits, vegetables, olives, sauces, sausages, spices, breads, sweets…the list goes on and on! Here are some photos of my meals and the markets on our trip!

{more tomatoes, they’re just too good!}

{our first meal of the trip started off with bread and wine}

{followed by flavorful escargots}

{raw radishes served with salted butter. weirdly delicious!}

{colorful street candy}

{poached egg over peas}

{pretty pretty macarons!}

{falafel from the Marais neighborhood}

{squash flowers}

{salty olives}

{i bought all of it!}

{perfect lunch of prosciutto, melon, greens, tomato and pesto on a baguette}

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