Greens Galore

Last night I picked up the first batch of vegetables from my CSA. A CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a place where you can support a local farm by pre-paying to pick up their seasonal produce weekly. Mine is a vegetable-only share and lasts from June to November. I’m so giddy about this, I am not really sure what to do with myself!

Due to the early summer season, this week’s loot was full of dark, rich, leafy greens: spicy Arugula, fresh oregano, thick and heavy bok choi, red leaf lettuce, mizuna (huh?), radishes, and crispy Buttercrunch lettuce.

On my 20-block walk home, my mind was racing over what I could do with all of these greens. My final decision was to go with a stir fry for dinner and a green smoothie for this morning’s breakfast.

My stir fry consisted of the arugula, bok choi, mizuna, oregano, plus some asparagus and kale I had leftover from the weekend. I sauteed it all together with sesame oil, tamari, a yellow onion, and red chili flakes and ate it over brown rice with a fried egg.

This morning I woke up and made a green superfood smoothie consisting of coconut water, red leaf lettuce, kale, banana, blueberries, almond butter, goji berries, maca powder, and ground flax seeds. I must say, this one tasted a tad on the salad-y side. Next time I’ll skip the lettuce.


*If you are interested in joining a CSA in NYC, check out this link

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