Orange Pineapple Smoothie

Who knew that three seemingly unrelated ingredients could make such a delicious, healthy, and vibrantly colored smoothie? I had two huge carrots from the farmer’s market that were about to go bad, so I threw them into the Vitamix with pineapple and my smoothie staple: coconut water.

This super bright smoothie not only looks awesome, but it provides your body with a good amount of Vitamin A from the carrots(good for your eyes!), Bromelain from the pineapple (fights inflammation), and potassium from the coconut water (helps build strong muscles).

– 1 cup coconut water
– 2 large carrots, cut into pieces
– 1 handful frozen pineapple

-Blend and enjoy!

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  1. Lynzy said:

    Definitely saving this to my list of smoothies to make, looks delicious!
    xo Lynzy

    5.9.11 · Reply