20+ Gifts for the One Who Has Everything

We all have those people on our list… people who buy themselves whatever they want so they already have seemingly everything (ahem, hi dad!). They can be hard to shop for but I’ve got you covered with some unique ideas below!

1. Cocktail Mixer (on sale!): This one looks so fun! According to the description you can mix cocktails with push-button ease without messy measuring or pouring, fill glass bottles with your favorite spirits, insert a stay-fresh cocktail capsule with ingredients for the appropriate cocktail, Sselect desired strength and push the “mix” button and your cocktail will be created automatically!

2. Tarot Coffee Table Book: Add a set of tarot cards to make it an even better gift!

3. Book Nook Reading Valet: A reading time shrine that holds your book (and your place), reading glasses, beverage, and phone.

4. AirPod Case: Step up their AirPod game with this cute case.

5. Fancy Scrabble Game: Designed exclusively for Anthropologie, this special edition of Scrabble features a beautiful garden bistro design and elegant details from a raised letter grid to a foil-stamped scorepad.

6. lululemon Belt Bag: You can’t have too many of them, IMO.

7. Glass Match Cloche: A chic gift for a candle-lover.

8. Hand Massager (on sale!): This description really got me: This electric hand massager relieves arthritis or carpal tunnel pain and relaxes your hand after a long day of work. Heat, air pressure, and kneading to help to get rid of finger numbness & joint soreness. PS it works on both left and right hands.

9. Tea from Around the World Set: Both a great introduction for the tea novice and a journey off the beaten path for the connoisseur, the assortment offers a taste of the wide variety that tea has to offer.

10. Brightland Chili-Infused Olive Oil: You guys know how I feel about fancy olive oils… This Chili Olive Oil is blended with red chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, chipotle peppers, paprika and heirloom Frantoio olives which are cold-pressed by a master miller within 90 minutes of harvest.

11. Gilded Agate Cheeseboard: So pretty, modern, and elegant. I’d love to eat a cheese or charcuterie spread from this board.

12. Let’s Get Closer Card Game: Fun…

13. Filtered Shower Head: Hear me out on this one! This shower head purifies water for better skin and hair. Random but kind of amazing gift?

14. Needlepoint Pillow

15. Cloud Slippers: I live in these around the house and they come in a million colors.

16. Sicily Coffee Table Book: As someone who has (almost) everything, I would love to get this beautiful book.

17. Wine & Champagne Chiller

18. Cocktail Party Set (25% off): The prettiest set of jewel-toned cocktail picks and wine charms.

19. Caraway Prep Set (on sale!): I love the way this non-toxic prep looks on a kitchen counter. It includes 4 knives, 5 utensils, shears, and cute little modular organization unit.

20. Chappywrap Oh Deer Blanket: You can never have too many.