Gifts For Your Coworkers & Boss

Gifts for Coworkers

When I worked in an office, I was kind of the queen of coworker holiday gifts, so when it was by far my most requested gift guide this year, I turned into the excited smiley face emoji with it’s hands waving (you know the one). I don’t know why this guide got me so excited, but I think it’s because coworkers and bosses are often the people we spend the most time with besides our immediate family, yet they don’t get appreciated nearly enough (sometimes for good reason but not always).

Most of the gifts on this list are under $25, but if you’re a boss and really want to appreciate your assistant or someone who works for you, I think it’s nice to spend a little more. I once had a boss (Hi Jen!) buy me a Sugar Paper desk calendar for Christmas and I used it for the next 12 months and appreciated her every time I switched out the month.

I also made sure to include two gifts that would be great for a male boss/assistant/colleague in the form of this super cool personalized credit card bottle opener ($22) and a mason jar cocktail shaker ($29).

I usually stear towards coworker gifts that they can enjoy in the office like a cute mug, a set of journals, or a cute little sticky note set ($12). But this year, my favorite gifts for this list were ornaments. I included the avocado ($14 on sale) and the coffee cup ($11), but after I made the collage, I found this burrito and this sushi bento box that I thought would be cute if the person loves takeout for lunch!

Another great idea is to make a donation in their name to a charity or organization that you know they love. It will be unexpected and I’d bet much appreciated.

I added a bunch more coworker gifts to it’s corresponding section on my gift guide page so check that out for more ideas.

Gifts for Coworkers and Bosses

Monogrammed Plaid Mug, $5.50 (on sale!)
Set of Three Journals, $16
Coffee Ornament, $11
Personalized Credit Card Bottle Opener, $22
Water Carafe, $48 (great group gift!)
Sugar Paper Desk Calendar, $62
Sticky Note Set, $12
Avocado Ornament, $14 (on sale)
Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker, $29

Unrelated note: My Dudley Stephens fleeces are being restocked in the Park Slope cut at 10am EST today. We expect them to sell out quickly so mark your calendars if you haven’t already.

For more gift ideas, check out my entire 2018 holiday gift guide and my post on holiday hostess gifts.


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  1. Libby said:

    I love these options!! That cute coffee mug, and the pretty calendar. So perfect for little gift!!

    xoxo Libby

    11.19.18 · Reply
  2. Emily said:

    Are you still making gift guides… because I would love a guide for group/hostess gifts! I’m traveling cross-country to spend Christmas with my friend and their family for the first time (I’ve never even met their family!) and I’m trying to think of a hostess/family gift to get everyone to share that I can send ahead of time.

    11.22.18 · Reply