Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I spent a good portion of my sick days last week and over the weekend finishing up my Christmas shopping which included the kids stockings. I have so many ideas for stocking stuffers but these are some of my favorites!

1. Brush Markers

2. Squishies: Why are kids so obsessed with these? They feel so creepy to me but I feel like they’re everywhere. I got a bunch for Amalia.

3. DIY Bracelet Kit

4. Unicorn Chalk: We are a year-round driveway chalk family so we go through it quickly.

5. Thinking Putty: Another great sensory toy

6. Monkey Strings: We keep these in the car and they keep both kids busy for short road trips.

7. Mad Libs Junior

8. PlusPlus Play Tube: You can never have too many PlusPlus tubes.

9. Sushi Go: This game looks so fun!

10. Ladybug Garden:

11. Lightening McQueen Bottle: I always throw in a water bottle for each kid. Luca is obsessed with the Cars movie so he’s getting Lightening McQueen!

12. Slinky: Always.

13. Tamagotchi: Apparently they’re making a come-back. I want to give one to Amalia just so I can help care for my digital grandchild…

14. Hatching Rainbow Egg:

15. Toy Buckets: We put these in Amalia’s stocking like 4 years ago and she played with them every night in the bath until she upgraded to showers. Now Luca has taken them over. They’re the gift that keeps on giving!

16. Bath Crayons: An easy mess to clean up and they make bath time so much fun.

17. Ice Cream Charm: If you have a 4-8 year old girl you probably understand the hold that tiny little charms and keychains have over them. This one is extra cute to hang on their backpack

18. Paint by Sticker Book

19. Star Hair Clips

20. Cupcake Bath Bombs