Bubble Bath Cocktail

I know you can have liquor cocktails and drug cocktails but I’m not much into either, so I prefer one of my favorite nightly rituals: The bubble bath cocktail. Ever since I was a kid, a steaming hot bubble bath has been able to cure me of any problem, whether it’s physical or emotional. I’ve never been a great sleeper, and this nighttime tradition calms me before sleep because of the heat of the water and the soothing scent of lavender. I also love the detoxing effects of Epsom salts and sweating it out.

Here are my favorite bath products that I’ve sworn by for a long time:

Deep Steep Bubble Bath: I love their packaging, and the smell doesn’t hurt either!
EO Organics Epsom Salts: A necessity for soothing sore or tired muscles which I get a lot from working out at Inform Fitness
West Elm Monogrammed Towels: To dry off in style
Design Darling Matches: To light your candles
Lavender Essential Oil: This is key for my mood. A good lavender oil calms my mind and body
Burt’s Bees Apricot Oil: I’ve been using Burt’s Bees baby oil in my bath for the last year or so. It makes my skin silky smooth, keeps it from drying out in the winter, and smells divine
Diptique Figuire Candle: If the bubbles and oils weren’t enough, a scented candle is always lit while I’m in the tub. The harsh overhead lighting in my bathroom doesn’t have a calming effect, so I prefer candle light.
C. Wonder water bottle: I like my baths super hot so I always bring water a long so that I don’t dehydrate myself. I actually have this bottle and bring it everywhere.

-Blend bubbles, body oil, lavender oil, and salts in a steaming hot tub of water
-Light your candles
-Lay down in your bath and enjoy, sipping water every few minutes to avoid dehydration

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