PB Teen Bedroom


How many bedroom “makeovers” can I possibly post on Lemon Stripes? An infinite amount, evidently. PB Teen and I have been working together for the last month to perfect this post and I’m so happy that we were patient. I love how the room turned out which just a few minor tweaks. See their recap of the makeover here.

Given my lifelong battle with insomnia, having a comfortable and calming bedroom that makes me happy is one of my number one priorities. I’ve now officially done it!

At first I wondered why a teen brand would want to work with an old lady like me but I soon realized that their many of their products are just as great for adults!

This Moroccan rug, for example, is so cozy and soft but looks like something that belongs in an grown-up home (wait, am I a grown up?).
PB Teen 3

I’m a fan of anything monogrammed and this throw pillow added just the right amount of color and prep. It was kind of an accident but I used two different shams and two different throw pillows and it somehow all worked together.

Whimsical and practical, this elephant ring holder is one of my favorite pieces in my whole room. How cute is it?

These chambray polka dotted sheets make me happy to get into bed every night. You can see them peeking out behind my bedding.


PB Teen 4



See more photos on Pottery Barn’s blog here. All PB Teen products were gifted.

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