Dresser Detox

{shirt drawer: after}

I do a deep closet and dresser cleaning usually about once/month. I realize that sounds completely insane but it is the only way that I feel like I know where all of my clothes are, not to mention if I want to make room for all the new things I buy, I have to let go of the old ones. Living in Manhattan, I don’t have a lot of room for my frocks, so keeping my confined spaces neat and organized are very necessary. This weekend I took every single item out of my huge dresser, refolded them, and placed them back in. I ended up with two huge totes full of giveaway items (I’m sure my coworkers who are reading this are already on their way to my office), a renewed memory of some old pieces of clothing, and a sense of accomplishment!

I organized each pile in each drawer by color and style. It was so much more fun to get dressed this morning when I could see all of my options laid out!

{long-sleeved striped shirts…}

{a pile of white t-shirts. do i really need them all?}

{colors and patterns}


{colored pants}

{drawer dividers}

{pant drawer: after}

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  1. Rachel @Healthy Chicks said:

    I totally need to give my entire room a detox; my desk, drawers, and closet is a complete MESS and it’s time to make some space for NEW stuff. Good job organizing! 

    1.31.12 · Reply