Life Lately: Volume 49

We made it to Friday which feels like a true feat this week. I am sitting here trying to even type coherent sentences and nothing is happening. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend.


We’ll be chasing around our little guys but are excited to not make too many plans after a busy family vacation.

Pictured above: Madewell tee / A.Golde jeans


High: On Wednesday night, Lukey stood up by himself for the first time! He’s been doing a lot of walking with his little push walker but that was the first time he went from sitting to standing on his own. Amalia, Anel, and I all screamed and clapped as if he had just won an Oscar. He looked so proud of himself with a big grin on his face. I wish I could just bottle up moments like that and keep them forever. Pure joy!

Low: It goes without saying that our travel day(s) from hell was the low this week.


Nobody wants more crappy videos on Instagram. Too bad.

My Easter dress: I finally landed on this pretty blue maxi dress with cutouts.

I’m Tired of Being Sustainable: The burnout that follows once you realize you’re not going to single-handedly save the environment.

J.Crew Home x Liberty of London. This collab is everything. They sent me some gorgeous napkins and placemats but I want to do Amalia’s bed in their bedding! Every single piece in the collection is stunning, truly.

Parenthood is a leadership asset. I loved this article from Hitha’s #5smartreads this week.

The restriction of retail.

A sweet floral little girl’s dress. And it’s on Amazon!

Marcel the Shell is getting a movie.

Pearls + evil eye necklace: In love with this.

Mackenzie is having another boy: Congrats, friend!

Braided sandals: I found a dupe for the sandals I wore all last summer that you guys loved.

Restaurant name trends: There’s a reason so many restaurants have *almost* the same name.

Drama at The CEH. Will this the next scandal to hit our screens?


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Carrot Margaritas
Amalia’s Gallery Wall

Photo by Julia Dags.