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Quite the politically and socially charged week we had, am I right? Reading about Trump’s new travel ban broke my heart, and it feels like this new healthcare reform is just another big fight among our politicians waiting to happen. Slash it’s already happening. Some days, I can’t even read the news because it’s too depressing. That’s why I write posts like this that include happy and positive articles and videos, to make us all smile, even if just for a few hours!

My week, personally, was great, however. I made a huge turning point in my pregnancy, and I can’t even put into words how happy it’s made me. For the first time in months, I was able to work full days, workout, and live a (relatively) normal life without resting in the middle of the day for hours or feeling generally worn down. I still got tired every night around 8 or 9pm, but it’s been a vast improvement.

This new burst of energy came at the perfect time because we have a lot going on! Our kitchen project started this week, so that’s been a lot of work, and today we’re starting to build the closet part of of my cloffice. And by we I mean mostly Anel, but Boots and I will supervise, of course.

This weekend

By the end of the weekend, we’ll have the whole office/closet room done. It’s going to be a serious endeavor but I’m excited to finish it so we have a clean slate for our nursery. We’ll put some work into the kitchen too. Basically it’s going to be a live HGTV show over here. On a more fun note, my friend is having a spy-themed birthday party, so Anel and I are going as Carrie and Quinn from Homeland. I figured I have the perfect hair for it, and all I need is a blazer, cross-body bag, and a bottle of prescription pills (filled with candy)!

From Around the Web

The Fertility Solution: My acupuncturist and fertility “coach” is hosting a free series on overcoming fertility challenges, and I’ll be co-hosting one of the four webinars! Sign up for the webinar.

Post-Partum Truth: I’ve had many friends struggle with crippling postpartum depression, something that is rarely talked about. Chrissy Tiegen did a beautiful job opening up about her experience.

Spring Clothing Heaven: Tuckernuck’s new arrivals are a preppy girl’s spring dream come true. I love this striped Barbour rain coat, these darling floral loafers, and this fun hot pink bell-sleeved top.

Smart and Fashionable: Grace touched on exactly what I’ve been feeling lately… She wrote about how it’s ok to like fashion and care about bigger issues in this incredible post.

Weekly Meal Prep: Prepping food for our weekly dinners has been a game-changer for us. This article will help you make a week’s worth of healthy meals in two hours. Crank up the music and get chopping!

Flutter Sleeves: I got so many compliments on this dress that I posted on Instagram yesterday. Buy it here on sale for $44. Size up for you pregos!

Spirituality vs Religion: This Refinery29 article on why millennials are claiming “spirituality” instead of “religion” is quite powerful.

Pack Perfect: My friend Hitha just published her very first book, How to Pack, a guide on how to pack for every occasion! Buy the book.

Charleston Guide: I’m beyond excited for my first trip to Charleston next week, and Julia’s comprehensive 48-hour city guide made me downright giddy!

Floral Maxi: I’m excited to finally have a chance to wear this pretty floral dress on my trip next week.

Mindfulness and Children: This sweet video of 6 and 7 year olds talking about what mindfulness means to them is beyond adorable.

Lemon Water FTW: I always start my days with hot lemon water. I knew that it makes me feel better and has an alkalizing effect on the body, but I had no idea how many benefits it actually has. Does anyone else do this?

The Dirt on Essential Oils: Yet another one of my friends just published a book (her second!) and I’m so proud of her. Buy the book.

Positive Affirmations: Watching this dad start his day saying positive affirmations with his sweet daughter brought me to tears. What a lucky little girl to have a daddy like that.

New Kicks: I’m in dire need of a new pair of “cool” sneakers. What do you think of these cute pink ones?

Closet Goals: There are no words to describe how much I want Kat’s closet/office in my life. The one I’m creating will definitely not be this chic, but a girl can dream!

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  1. Love the sneakers! Glad you are feeling great!

    Hope to order Hithas book next week!

    3.10.17 · Reply
  2. graceatwood said:

    aw julia, thank you so much for including my post!!! can not wait to see you next week!!! xoxo

    3.10.17 · Reply
  3. jess0924 said:

    Lucky girl that you were able to rest from home in the middle of the day! So many mamas don’t have the option to rest for hours.

    3.10.17 · Reply
  4. Julie said:

    Woah Julia, lots of excellent recommendations in this post this week: 1/ The maxi dress is totally up my street. Not sure how practical this would be while looking after 3 little ones but I love the look. 2/I also love drinking warm lemon juice in the morning. For some reason it really quenches my thirst first thing in the morning. For too long, I feared this would accentuate my serious problems with heartburn but actually I found out that lemons are alcalins which means they actually balance out the acidity in your tummy! 3/I love the style of Tuckernuck, will be checking it out more in depth later when the kids are in bed. Hope all the kitchen transformation goes well this weekend! Much love from London, Julie xx

    3.10.17 · Reply