Life Lately: Volume 55

It was a big week in the Dzafic household. Our tiniest member took his first steps on Wednesday and spent the next 10 minutes walking. He has yet to do it since but we’re counting it as his first time walking. It was so cute and he was preeeetty proud of himself. As was his big sister. Anel caught it on camera too!

I’m on baby watch for my sister who was due on Monday and will pop out my second niece any minute now. The second she goes into labor I’m booking it down to Philly to hopefully be in the delivery room in time.

Hopefully, the next time you hear from me I’ll be an auntie again!


High: Luca walking was obviously my highest high this week (and month!) but on another note, I am so so so so excited for my new niece to come and check my phone every 0.2 seconds to see if my sister has texted yet. The excitement to meet her is putting me in the best mood and knowing that I’m done caring for my own newborns also feels pretty great 🙂

Low: Honestly, I had a pretty great week for once. My anxiety has been out of control with everything happening in the world lately but after long sessions with both my therapist and psychiatrist, we made a plan and it’s been working. Not feeling physically, painfully anxious all week has been incredible. The one (minor) low is that I have a really cute heat rash on the back of my neck that is ugly, itchy, and annoying. But if that’s the worst part of the week, I’ll take it

Pictured Above: Dress (gifted) / Hat


6 places for sourcing high-quality, affordable art.

The great Real Housewives glam squad debate. I live for this content, you guys.

The Hillhouse summer drop was my favorite drop in a long time from them. The Ophelia dress is my new favorite cut.

Tips for finding pleasure. Sex experts share their top 3 tips.

I love these cute braided sandals to wear with shorts and a tee or a sundress.

Summer TV used to mean something, damn it!

And on that note… What will be the biggest movie of the summer?

Eva’s summer collection dropped yesterday and it’s fab! I’m so proud of my friend who has worked so hard on these collections over the last year.

The best new spas in the world. I would love to visit all of these but especially the first one on the list!

15 of the best beaches in Rhode Island. Jess is a born and bred Rhodie so she knows what she’s talking about! Speaking of Rhode Island, I might just buy this Newport sweatshirt.

A perfect summer tank. I bought it in white and hot pink.

Did American Girl just *out* Molly? If they did, I love it!

The goop x Poosh collab candle is sending me. Can someone please buy this and tell me what it smells like? I’m curious but not $75 curious.

A beautiful collection of coastal furniture. My friend Meghan at Cailini Coastal just added more furniture pieces to her online shop and woah. I’ll take one of each, please! How cool are these counter stools? And I’m in love with this dresser.


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Photo by Julia Dags.