Life Lately: Volume 59

Hello! Let’s clear some lists, shall we? 140 teachers filled out my Google Form this year and included where they teach, what grade they teach, and more about their situations and classrooms. Teachers in this country don’t make nearly enough money and often have to fill their classrooms with supplies on their own dime.

That’s where we come in…

Help me clear their lists and supply their classrooms with the materials they need if you can in any capacity, even if it means buying just a set of pencils or sending the doc to someone someone else. Or clear a full list if you’re feeling extra generous!

I’m personally clearing 5 lists and my friends at Chappywrap and Dudley Stephens have each agreed to clear 2 of the lists in the doc. Yay for brands I love doing great things!

This week kind of sucked TBH. Not for any real reason other than I felt like I was scrambling to stay afloat.

We have so many things going on during our weekends this summer that it feels like we never get a breather as a family… I feel like I’ve been playing catch up all week long for the last few weeks. On Monday I went through my calendar and moved calls, meetings, and even friend hangouts as much as I possibly could so I could hunker down and tackle my insane to do list.

Today I feel a lot better and my anxiety is finally coming down now that I’m (mostly) caught up.

This weekend my cousin and her family along with my sister and her family are coming to visit and I’m SO excited! We haven’t seen this cousin since pre-pandemic days which is way too long for us. We are going to have a house full of babies and kids which is my life dream… although ask me what I think again two days in lol.

Sending you all love and light. xo

Pictured above: Dress / Rattan Bag / Shoes


A flight attendant’s tips on surviving travel these days: It’s rough out there, let me tell ya.

The Minnow x Tuckernuck summer collection is so so so cute. They sent us this rashguard for Amalia and this matching suit. for Luca.

31 ways to organize your spices: The joy that this article (and these photos) brings me is like none-other. Number 14 is how we roll in our house.

Égalité pour les femmes tee. This shirt is finally off wait list! 30% of the purchase price will be donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights

Why I’m ok not having it all. This woman’s story really resonated with me.

Everything you wanted to know about sustainable denim: Fascinating, really.

20% off everything at Abercrombie! I’ve really been loving their stuff lately especially their bodysuits. I just added this one to my collection.

15 healthy summer dinner ideas when it’s too hot to cook.

A few math problems for mothers. LOL…

A fantastic black jumpsuit: My friends at Dudley Stephens sent me this jumpsuit and I wore it to my birthday dinner in the city last Friday. I love the slightly cropped pants, the cut of the neck, and the jersey material.

5 movies to watch about abortion right now:

Should you feel guilty about too much down time at work?

Raffia mules. I legit have a crush on these shoes.

How Adirondack chairs became America’s favorite summer seat (and the most uncomfortable)

How to become an abortion clinic escort. A clinic escort is a person, often a volunteer, who assists patients at abortion clinics—welcoming them and helping them get in and out of clinics safely and efficiently

Rainbow striped maxi dress: I’ve shared this one before but it’s been on repeat for me all summer so it’s worth sharing again! I love this brand and what they stand for too.

8 creative staycation ideas that will feel like a vacation.

A global map of the world’s best restaurants. And now I’m starving.


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Photo by Julia Dags.