Life Lately: Volume 77

Life Lately: Volume 77

This was one of the most exciting weeks I’ve had in months and months and months. First of all, my trip to Charleston was so much fun and I felt creative and happy and excited for my line to drop with Ophelia & Indigo next month. It’s been such a great passion project for the last year and it feels surreal to see it finally coming to life now.

I always get so nervous around new launches and this time is no different. But this collection feels so me and so “on brand” for who I am and what I love to wear. I cannot wait to share it with all of you.  Whether we sell 1 or 1000 dresses, I’m proud of what we created and my part in this collection.

I also had some really really really exciting news about the other secret project I’ve been hinting at so I’m *hoping* that means I can share more in the next few months. Getting an important call about it yesterday was one of the biggest pinch-me moments I’ve had since starting Lemon Stripes 1000 13 years ago.

On the home front, Amalia was beyond excited for her 100th day of school celebration yesterday, and Luca is all of a sudden speaking in sentences so energy was high in the Dzafic house. The toughest part of my week was that Luca has been extra clingy ever since I went away for a night, and he doesn’t want to be off of my body at all. It’s sweet but he’s also a million pounds and quite wiggly.

We are heading into a polar vortex tomorrow so will likely not be leaving the house much for the next few days. I see crackling fires and hot tea in my near future.

Have a great weekend!

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Photo by Julia Dags.