Life Lately: Volume 88

This week has been very busy and exciting! I got back from a trip to Florida with my college besties and feel so rejuvenated and happy from that. We belly laughed for 3 straight days and despite a very delayed flight home that got me home at 3am Monday morning, it was 100% worth it.

On Tuesday I had a fun girls day in the city with Alex and Eva (pictured above) to try on wedding dresses for Eva’s wedding which was obviously the most fun ever! It’s quite a thrill to have a friend getting married in your late 30s let me tell ya. We also had a fantastic lunch at the new NYC hotspot, Casa Cruz.

Announcing my nose job on Wednesday was fun and scary but it felt really good to get that secret off of my chest. Besides all that I am just plugging away at the cookbook and am excited for our first recipe photoshoot on Monday.

I added some fun new brands to the Lemon Stripes Market including Kyte Baby (we live for their sleep sacks), Monogram Mary, and Surely Non Alcoholic wines. I’m also having a sale on our favorite kids swim brand, Pearl Street Swim, so be sure to check that out. Running this shop has been such a learning experience, but I’m having a blast with it.

Have a great weekend!


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