Life Lately: Volume 84

Greetings from New Hampshire! We drove up with the kids yesterday for the holiday weekend and some family time with the tiny uncles.

This week, as you could probably tell, was a very rollarcoaster-y one for me. I was finally able to announce my cookbook which felt amazing but I also found out Luca needs his tonsils removed this summer. I know it’s for the best for him but I’m also nervous about him going under. I will, of course, be with him at the hospital and for his entire recovery, but the idea of him scared or in any pain just guts me. I just keep reminding myself that he’s going to be so much happier and healthier when it’s done.

Speaking of healthy, if you’re local, I’m moderating a panel on April 18th at the Westport Library about the connection between sugar, your gut, and anxiety. It’s going to be fascinating! Sign up here if you want to join us. Seats are limited so be sure to RSVP.

At the end of next week I’ll also finally be sharing the second of my two big projects (first one here) I’ve been working on every day since the beginning of the year. The announcement will go out to my newsletter subscribers first. Sign up here to be on that list.

Pictured above: Monogrammed Hat / Old Lilly Pulitzer Skirt (similar) / Old Top (similar on sale)


A look inside the very real world of water collectors. I thought this article was a joke at first. It is not. Water sommeliers are a thing, apparently! Now I need to know what that $300 bottle of water tastes like.

Why money makes everyone so anxious.

My favorite summer pants are back… and on sale!

The most colorful and happy Connecticut house tour. I wonder if they’ll be my friends?

The dangerous fantasy of Trump’s indictment. Why the circus surrounding his arrest may to more harm than good.

I haven’t bought a new pair of white jeans in years. The two I have are skinny jeans and I want something more on-trend for this spring and summer. I went with the AGOLDE Riley Crop Jeans because I have them in two other washes and know they fit me will. I’ll report back once they arrive!

When 3 psychic readings line up. I loveeee a good psychic reading and do one yearly. I also oddly love reading and hearing about other peoples’ readings so this was a fun one for me.

A very pretty smocked maxi dress. I have this in a purple/green colorway and love it. I think the blue is so beautiful. Shocker…

How Succession makes luxury fashion look basic.

The 14 best shampoos for color-treated hair.

I love these adorable mommy and me block print dresses.

Emily’s 8 go-to dessert recipes look downright mouthwatering.

Iridescent coupe glasses perfect for a mocktail or cocktail. I need a room full of glassware in my next life.

Cara Delevingne’s Vogue cover article about sobriety and self-care.

I cannot believe this flutter sleeve eyelet dress is under $50!

How rural America steals girls’ futures.

Eva’s bunny spinach dip looks so cute and yummy for an Easter dish!

I’m sure my husband is not reading this but if he is (ahem) I hope he takes the hint that this mama mug with a ladybug is just the cutest ever and would make a great Mother’s Day gift 😉


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I’m Writing a Cookbook!

Photo by Julia Dags.