Life Lately: Volume 85

Our house felt very strange and quiet this week because Amalia spent most of it at my dad’s house in New Hampshire for her April break. We left her there after Easter and my dad drove her back down on Wednesday night on his way to the city. Going from two to one kids for 4 days was like a vacation though, let me tell ya. It was both relaxing and sad without her. At 7pm when Luca went to sleep, Anel and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

I realized that you can’t appreciate the simplicity of one child until you have two and get a break. Lukey was so happy to have lots of one on one time with each of us, but kept asking where Amalia was. He definitely missed his big sister and was excited to show her his trucks when she came home.

The house feels complete again now that she’s back. It’s been 80 degrees for the last few days so we’ve been soaking up the sun, taking beach walks, and feeling excited for spring and summer. This weekend we’re celebrating Luca’s 2nd birthday (I can hardly believe it) with friends and family.

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See you next week when I’ll have a 2-year old, and enjoy some fascinating reads below!

Pictured above: My Dress / Amalia’s Dress (size up)


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