Life Lately: Volume 89

Oh my gosh this week was so exciting (and very exhausting)! On Monday we had our first photo shoot for the cookbook during which it finally hit me that this is actually all happening. I had a good little cry and moved on because we had to GSD but it felt like a really big moment. Food photography is one of my favorite things to do in the world and the day was thrilling. Because I have over 100 recipes in the book (!), we have many more shoot days to go, but it felt good to get our footing and get nine recipes under our belt.

The next morning I woke up bright and early and flew out to San Francisco for a day of meetings, brainstorming, events, and meals with the Flagship team, wearing my Mary shirt, of course. Flagship, if you missed it, is the company that is hosting my new online shop. They are in the baby start up stages but have the potential to grow into something huge and being around that energy was invigorating. I met a ton of new creators, made new friends, and was able to use my marketing brain in an exciting way. I also got to have dinner with my mom one night which was icing on the cake.

In the last 2 weeks I’ve taken two trips away from my kids and that has been a lot. I’m very happy to be staying put for a while now.

My sister and nieces are coming to visit this weekend so I’m hoping for lots of relaxing (lol) family time and no time zone jumping.

Have a great weekend!

Pictured above: Dress / Shoes / Bag (back in stock)


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The Blair Eadie x Tuckernuck collection is happy and colorful and wonderful. My favorite pieces are this colorful dress, this striped blouse, and these fun earrings!

In other Tuckernuck news, I loved the dress I wore to dinner in San Fran the other night (pictured above).

I loved this post about glimmers aka the opposite of triggers. Tiny moments of awe!

22 beach reads to bring on vacation.

The perfect little white dress for summer, under $100! I especially love the back. This one is also super cute and under $200.

15 mocktail recipes for non-drinkers who want to feel fancy (it me).

The headware of the coronation, ranked.

Now that I’m writing a gardening and veggie-forward cookbook, I feel like this tee shirt must be in my closet.

The emotional relief of forgiving someone.

Has Ted Lasso lost its way? I personally still love it but agree that it’s a completely different show than from when it started.

On our trip, Carly wore these jeans (on sale, in Coastal Summer wash) and they looked amazing on her. Every girl at the event asked where they were from and we were all pleasantly surprised to hear it was J.Crew. Her tip is to size down one size.

Three recipes that use Boursin cheese (a family favorite growing up).

On another recipe note, gochujang sloppy joes sound amazing.

My new favorite summer heel. I wore these for hours the other night and they were so comfortable and cute.

I absolutely loved this article on motherhood.

A creator I follow and love recently shared that she has this (under $20) tank in four colors and swears by it so obviously I had to try it for myself (in white). It’s coming later today so will report back on fit and quality but it comes highly recommended.


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