Life Lately: Volume 87

It was a slow week on the blog-front as I was hyper-focused on the cookbook and some personal admin things that I had to get done. We are doing our first recipe shoot for the book in two weeks and the prep for that is way more intense than I had imagined… in the most fun way possible.

Getting creative in a new way (like serious food photography) is what gets my wheels turning. I love it! I’ll share some behind-the-scenes footage when we’re on set and in the meantime I’ll be researching food styling props until the end of time.

Today I’m heading to Florida with some of my college friends for the weekend. I haven’t seen them as a group since I was pregnant with Amalia six years ago so I’m clearly beyond excited. We rented an Airbnb with a pool near the beach and I’m hoping to just chill out and relax for 3 days straight.

Have a great weekend!


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